Life revolves around the surfaces in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, so it makes sense to choose surfaces you can enjoy living with year after year. Surfaces that can stand up to wear and tear, children, pets, guests, the inevitable spills and unavoidable accidents.

That's why DuPont created Corian® for the way you live. For both the Kitchen and Bathroom, Corian® is the perfect choice.

Invented and produced by DuPont, Corian® is a solid surface offering superior design possibilities and excellent long-term performance, used both in the home and in many different commercial environments, from hotels to healthcare, retail to marine.

With its balance of beauty and performance, Corian® lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications.
If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with Corian®. Available in over 100 colours, Corian® can be carved, routed or worked like wood, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed… the design options are almost limitless.

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